Difference between Independent dealership and Franchise car dealership?

Difference between Independent dealership and Franchise car dealership?

Buying a used car you have the option of both the dealerships. Both have different sets of services in comparison to each other. Let’s have a close look at the difference in both the dealerships.

Wide range of cars

  • Independent car dealers only deal in selling used cars and have a broader collection of cars which provides you the numerous option at the time of buying.
  • Franchise dealers also deal in used cars but their main focus is on selling the new cars of the acquired franchise brand.

Price range

  • If you have a relatively low budget, the independent dealerships are your pick. You will find extremely older models of the car within a very less amount of price.
  • Franchise dealerships offer a high amount of price in the used cars than independent dealerships.

Options for Financing

  • Independent dealership offers a high rate of interest.
  • They offer a credit facility to those who have positive credit scores in order to finance a car.
  • Franchise dealerships offer a low rate of interest and as they have brand’s name attached which means they are backed up from the manufacturer’s end.

Car services

  • Independent car dealerships do not have service workshops like Franchise dealerships.
  • They have a tie-up with the best mechanic’s around in order to fix your car, won’t be a trouble in the long run.
  • Franchise dealerships have their service workshops were you find trained mechanics to deal with the services of your car.
  • If you buy a used car from the franchise dealership, you would not get the services from an authorized dealer. Buying a used Toyota from the Honda franchise dealership.

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Independent dealers basically deal in the used cars from every brand, they do not work it any franchise. They do not involve in any sort of agreement or contract with the car manufacturers.

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