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Our website has zero ads and does not collect customer information. Instead, all we do is list nearby dealerships according to brand so that customers can browse through dealer’s inventory on their website without being harassed. In turn, sales teams benefit from direct contact with potential buyers. If they fill out a form, it’s only the one on the dealer’s website.

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When it’s time to purchase a truck, car or SUV, we can help you for Finding the right dealer has never been easier!

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We’re here to help you find the right dealer. Find ‎amazing deals on all New and Used Autos in Certified Dealer.

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Founded in 2016, Auto Dealer Locator was created by three people who believe that buyers and dealers need to speak to each other directly, without a middle man. That means a stress-free environment for customers and first-generation leads for sales teams.We created Auto Dealer Locator as a way to increase dealer visibility, without bogging buyers down with ads or useless details.

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